2020 Pandemic

I see I have not posted here in 3 + years! I guess I have been really busy. Although, 2019 was the last really busy year, because in Jauary 2020, we became aware of a new virus that had developed on Earth. It was named Covid-19, a form of the corona viruses. It is obviously now January 2021, and this virus still has us in it’s clutch.

In March 2020 the USA normal living came to a halt. We began a long guaranteen under which we are still living. Vaccines have been made and are being given beginning this month. I have an appointment Thrusday, January 26, 2021 for my first injection (of two). The second is to be given within 22 days to be effective. I am hoping that life will begin to be more normal by Spring.

This will mean being able to gather with family and friends again, going shopping, and to restaurants again. Also to pick back up with activity groups such as my wood carving group, doll club group, quilting group, dulcimer group, and my supervision group, where we can meet in person again.

A new vocabulary has sprung into use since Covid-19 disrupted our known lives. One of the biggest for me has been Zoom! A few of my former in person groups, are now using the Zoom internet program to meet virtually. We even have had virual doll conventions with Rachel Hoffman, a doll shop owner in Denver (Turn of the Century Antiques) invented VDC a Virtual Doll Convention. The UFDC followed by having the cancelled in person convention rescheduled online (through the internet).


No in person doll shows as this one from 2019 were held in 2020. Celia, Pam, Fung, and Sharon


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