Carving Hitty

Carving Hitty

The latest Hitty I am carving is a multi-jointed doll. Normally,

Hitty is jointed at her shoulders and hips with wooden pegs,

and the arms and legs move in tandem.  My newest Hitty,

Arrabella, has ball joints at her elbows and knees, too. And they move

separately. She was begun in Easton, MD in a Janet Cordell ( carving

class. Wanda Wildrick arranged the carving class at the Water Foul

Building in Easton. We have had 2 carving classes there at the Water Foul Building.

Hitty Arrabella was began during the first class, probably 4 years ago. Now

we are at the final point of making a Hitty, which is painting her face, and

her socks and shoes. The face is by far, the most difficult to carve, and to

paint. I will show the results when finsihed and when she is dressed (I guess that

making her clothes is the aftermath of carving and painting!


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